Just Take This Vitamin and You Will Be Mosquito Free All Summer Long!

You probably utilize mosquito repellents, but you should know that they are loaded with dangerous chemicals that can cause unsafe symptoms if ingested or consumed into the skin. So, it is better make your own repellents, as they are safer approach to shield you from mosquitoes.

It appears that the primary offenders for pulling in mosquitoes are smells.

Individuals with high cholesterol and steroids on the surface of their skin are more inclined to mosquitoes, and the individuals who deliver certain acids, for example, uric acid.

As per researchers, individuals who radiate bigger measures of carbon dioxide, as pregnant women and obese people, pull in mosquitoes the most.

Despite the itchy marks mosquitoes leave, they can also spread some diseases:

  • Chikungunya– leads to joint pain, rashes, and nausea
  • Dengue– causes fever
  • Jamestown Canyon Virus– causes symptoms similar to flu
  • La Crosse Encephalitis– causes fever
  • Malaria –leads to chills, fever, and vomiting
  • Rift Valley Fever –leads to dizziness, weakness, eye damage
  • Snowshoe Hare Virus– causes vomiting, rashes, dizziness
  • West Nile –manifested by fever, vomiting, joint pain, rashes,
  • Yellow Fever– causes jaundice, and chills
  • Zika– related to birth defects

Just in the US, there are more than 170 known types of mosquitoes, so you have to figure out how to keep away from them.

Vitamin B1

Researches have demonstrated that vitamin B1 can successfully help your immunity and prevent stress.

You can find vitamin B1 in spinach, kale, onions, eggplant, cabbage, summer squash, broccoli, green beans, and sunflower seeds.

In the event that in high sums in the body, this vitamin will deliver a “yeasty” scent to mosquitoes, and they will never again be pulled in to you.

The accompanying bug repellent spray contains just two fixings, fresh parsley and ACV. This is the manner by which to set it up:

In a mortar and pestle, include a bunch of parsley, and 4 oz of ACV. Crush the fixings and let the blend stay like that for a couple of hours.

At that point, strain, and put the blend into a spray bottle. You can also include a couple of drops of your most loved oil to give a wonderful aroma.

Take the bottle and spray the mixture on your body, as it is won’t cause any bad symptoms.